Patients wait nine years for medical appointments in Irish hospital

In the never ending continuation of observing health care changes in the US, I read this post this morning about Irish healthcare:

I am not saying that US healthcare is at this state of affairs, unless it is a VA hospital and that issue only exists in select regions, but I do read this as a warning as to what could happen under government run healthcare.  Do not think that this cannot happen in the US.  With all the budget issues and borrowing it would be very easy for the congress to do nothing.  The US has not had a budget in years, only a series of continuous resolutions, with caps and cuts on programs.  There are a number of scenarios, I will write about when I have time, where the government will not be able to afford and will have to cut back on healthcare support.

Unless you have the means to pay or are a congressman, who BTW are exempt from the ACA / Obama-care provisions AND most have become rich by virtue of being congressman, the average American will not be able to get or to afford get the treatment they need.  And if you are over the age of 75 and you don’t have the means to pay or have never been a congressman be prepared to be denied treatment.  That age of 75 that Dr Zeke Emanuel has written and spoken about,, keeps popping up more and more.  I’ll write more about that too but for now I need to go and bottle beer and mead.

Happy New Years everyone.