Dr. Zeke Emanuel – Why he hopes to die at 75

I was listening to Zeke Emanuel on Squawk Box the other day concerning an article he wrote stating he would stop getting any sort of medical treatment at 75. For those of you that do not know, Dr. Emanuel wrote a book that is the model for the ACA and he is a definitive authority on it as well, or at least that’s the way I interpret his involvement because if you look at his book it’s clearly the ACA and his brother was one of President Obama’s advisors.

So I went and read his article,http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/09/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75/379329/, because if you really want to know what something says you can’t trust the media and need to research it for yourself.  Too many times have I taken the “mainstream news media” at their word only to find out the had some BS slant to their statements.

To be fair Dr. Emanuel did say several times in his article that this was his opinion as it pertained to himself and he was not recommending it be policy. However. He also stated several times in the article that a persons contribution to society diminishes starting in their 40’s and by age 75 it “forces each of us to ask whether our consumption is worth our contribution”, but he retains the right to change his mind as long as he is, “still being creative after 75”. I don’t want to say the government bureaucrats  are thinking this is good policy for government provided health care but I can’t help thinking it will, at some point, become a metric from which to gauge your consumption versus contribution especially if it comes from someone whose opinions formed the basis of the ACA.

And then I got to thinking.  How does this contribution verses consumption paradigm work with those that consume more than they ever contributed to the system or never contributed to?  I wrote previously about how I believe the Democrats are trying to create a class of economic slaves dependent on the Federal Government for their economic well being and will then vote for that party because their well being depends on it.  If you have a class of the population that never contributed then how does one measure their fitness for healthcare or will they become a protected class by the liberal elite, meaning those who contribute are left to their own devices while those that consume and never contribute are more important as long as they are voting for the “correct” party.

Cynical? Yes but.

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