Splitting California Into Several States

Updated because I learned that the Constitution does allow the splitting of a state, but also the people who want to do this aren’t pretending anymore.  They feel that they are underrepresented in the Senate and in the vote for POTUS.  https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/17/politics/california-split-up-per-vote/index.html

I was reminded about this idea on my way back from vacation in 2014.  There have always been these “California is too large” drives but it got me to wondering what is the real value this.  Every once in awhile the idea crops up and on the surface it seems to be a good idea.

As far as I could see all of the “reasons” to split up California were just BS.  California is too large to govern effectively.  Too diverse and varied.  Really?!? Aside from the fact creating a new state out of an already existing state is against the US Constitution it’s not even the largest state in the Union.  Alaska and Texas are both larger and they are just as varied and complex  Maybe there is a different underlying reason for this.

If California, or any other state for that matter, were split up what would be the effect on the national government?  The number of representatives probably wouldn’t change.  Same population so the distribution of representatives wouldn’t change much but…..the number of Senators would.  Each new state would bring in two new senators.  So one state broken into five would mean two senators would grow to 10.  And if they are majority democratic then the Senate could safely stay democratic.

As far as I can tell the reasons to break up California are all just a smoke screen.  The real agenda is part of a much larger plan to maintain control of the Federal Government for one party now and into the foreseeable future.

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