Latino Influence in National Politics

I started to identify this issue after President Regan granted amnesty to the undocumented latino population.  The democratic party has slowly been working to make the national picture more democratic to win at least the Presidency and even better the Senate.  I saw something on BBC America news about the Colorado election that brought this influence to light.

The BBC was out interviewing voters in a tightly contested senate race asking voters what mattered most.  Most of the white people they interviewed spoke english and espoused differing opinions, and then they got to some latinos, none of whom spoke english, stated jobs was the number one issue but they did not say what party they were going to support.  The commentator did state the Republican party lost the majority of the latino voter in the last election and that the latino population “was growing”.  And that’s the point.

The democrats, and I believe this is a coordinated effort based on the current administration, is moving the illegals that have come across the boarder with the recent tide, to parts of the country to tip the scales in favor of the democrats.  These people may not be able to vote today but they someday will.  The distribution of the population is intended to tip the balance and it is being done on purpose.

If you can have the majority of a states population dependent on the government, state, local or federal, for their well being and income then you are going to vote for the party that continues to support those policies.  These policies started with states like New York and California.  They are now going national with this agenda and I believe are sending illegals to localities where, if enough of them stays put, can shift red states blue as soon as the illegals shipped there are granted amnesty and shift national elections to majority democratic for the foreseeable future.

Time will tell if I’m right or not.

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